Mwimba College of Agriculture (MWICA), is a premier agricultural training institution. It is located in the central region, Kasungu district in Malawi. The college was opened in 2001 as a training arm of the Agricultural Research and Extension Trust (ARET). To date the college has grown in various dimensions. From its early focus on provision of on-farm training to tobacco farmers and their children the college is now open to all those aiming to pursue a career in agriculture or venture into agricultural business . 

Hands-on delivery constitutes of a very significant part of  MWICA course provision. Students are taken through the practical aspects in the various topics that they cover 


This is supported by the numerous learning resources that MWICA has put in place at its farms and study centres. The college has a dedicated student farm land.  In addition ARET, the parent institution, is a research based organization whose research work and application of researched technologies involves the college students.


To build the capacity of frontline field personnel and farmers to effectively and profitably manage agricultural enterprises in a sustainable manner.


PROFESSIONALISM: Programs shall be delivered  skillfully, efficiently and effectively.

TRANSPARENCY: The college shall fulfil its mandate in an open manner ,while not compromising confidentiality.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Staff shall be good stewards of resources with their custody.

PARTNERSHIP: The college will actively seek & extend opportunities to collaborate with other reputable teaching research institutions and other development partners.


To be the leading centre in providing responsive training in agriculture and rural development for growth of Agro industry.

The Principal
Mwimba College of Agriculture
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+265 888 208 623